Blanka Moss

General Counsel, Schindler

Blanka is the General Counsel and Company Secretary at Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd a multinational organisation moving the population of Australiain theirdaily activities from work to shopping to entertainment venues.Blanka has over twenty years of experience in the Engineering and Construction Industry involved in National Contract negotiation including the Brisbane Cross City Tunnel, Crown Casino and the entire Barrangaroo site; M & A ; and advising and supporting the Schindler Boardon all Legal,Compliance and Statutory requirements to enable the smooth and compliantrunning of the Business.Blanka also liases withCorporate Legal Servicesbased in Switzerlandto ensure that Australia aligns with all Policies in particular those of Engineering Standards, Legal and Safety.In this capacity Blanka is often referred to internally as the “trusted advisor”as a result of having the confidence and working closely with Board Members on significantconfidentialnegotiations and projects.Professionally, Blanka contributed to the legal profession as a Councillor of the Law Society of N.S.W; as a member of the Professional Standards Committee,theEthics Committee and the Corporate Lawyers Committee;as a Mentor to Young Lawyerswhich she continues to do through the University of Notre Dame.