As young lawyers advance in their careers, the ability to establish an industry network, build a client base, manage a heavy workload, and balance a growing law practice with personal and family responsibilities is critical to future success.

The Young Lawyers Virtual Summit Australia will provide associates, partners and others in law firm leadership with practical insights on the common challenges, issues and obstacles young lawyers face as they navigate their legal careers and grow their professional profiles and legal practice skills.

Today’s legal industry is undergoing rapid transformation. If you’re a young lawyer looking to move forward in the profession and build a thriving law practice, the Young Lawyers Summit Australia will help equip you with the skill sets, insights and ideas you need to achieve this.


  • Legal practitioners from law firms of all sizes who are looking for practical ideas on how to expand their networks and personal profiles.
  • In-house counsel and legal teams seeking insights and guidance on better managing their careers and work-life balance.
  • Senior legal leadership who wish to better navigate and understand the nuances of working with younger lawyers.
  • Service providers, industry consultants and associations who want to connect with tomorrow’s future legal leaders.
  • Government counsel from all levels of government who want to connect with fellow practitioners in the private sector.
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