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8:50 am

Opening remarks from ChairPerson

Ivana Kovacevic

Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and Business Functions, Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited

9:00 am

PANEL: Strategies to enhance and build your profile as a thought leader

As young lawyers advance in their careers, positioning themselves as industry thought leaders is critical to opening new opportunities, deepening existing relationships and increasing the profile of their practices. Developing true credibility to establish oneself as a thought leader can be a timely and complex process – ultimately it is your potential client base who make this decision. What are some of the practical strategies and tactics young lawyers can use to build their profiles as thought leaders? What role can social media play? 

  • Examine how a well-defined thought leadership strategy can increase your profile
  • Building versus inheriting a practice/book
  • What are some of the most effective search methods clients use when seeking expertise?
  • How to choose the right channel and message to reach your target audience
  • Ensuring thought leadership is differentiating and value-added


Ivana Kovacevic

Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and Business Functions, Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited


Rory Alexander

Senior Associate, Ashurst

Framy Anne Browne

Partner, Lavan

Matthew Littlejohn

Barrister, William Forster Chambers

James Skelton

Senior Associate, Swaab

9:45 am

How to be an effective lawyer in 2021: Being agile and innovative in a changing legal profession

This session will discuss the new skill sets young lawyers need to effectively serve clients and their legal departments in a changing profession. 

Stipe Vuleta

Managing Director, Litigation & Restructuring, Chamberlains Law Firm

10:20 am
10:30 am

PANEL: Practical advice for assessing and mapping your options as you advance in your practice

As young lawyers move forward in the legal profession, understanding their career options is critical to growing their practices. Whether they are part of a small practice, large firm or in-house legal department, navigating the way forward can be challenging and at times obscure. What are some of the options available to young lawyers as they advance? How can rising lawyers ensure the choices they make are the best for their career aspirations? What should a young lawyer do if the path they have chosen is not the right one? 

  • Examining the path and process for advancing in different-sized firms
    • What is the career trajectory for working in-house or in government?
  • Utilising your competitive advantages to get ahead
  • Negotiating compensation and considering alternative options to traditional models
  • Building internal allies and seeking help from your organisation
  • Understanding the unique challenges of working in small firms
  • Using pro bono work to enhance your profile and develop your expertise
  • Changing your career path and ensuring you make informed decisions


Katherine Evans

Senior Associate, Government, Sparke Helmore Lawyers


Ella Alexander

Senior Associate, Makinson d'Apice Lawyers

Myra Beal

Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills

Joshua Butler

Associate, White & Case

11:10 am
11:20 am

PANEL: Assessing the latest technologies to develop, build and enhance your network and client relationships

Building and refining your client base and making meaningful connections is a continual process of hard work and may not always be a comfortable experience for young lawyers. Fortunately, advances in technology can make this process easier and more efficient. This session will examine technologies for reaching new clients and enhancing existing relationships. How can you improve your social media presence? What are the advantages and risks for young lawyers when engaging digitally with some of these new technologies? 

  • Ensuring your tech choices align with your client base and business objectives 
  • What specific tech options best fit your practice? 
    • Cloud vs in-house
    • Choosing the right platform
    • Capturing and using data effectively - triaging initial client engagement
  • Examples of how social media has increased client reach and maximised referrals


Amanda Fajerman

Head of Legal Technology, Legal Operations & Tech, LOD


Alex Solo

Co-Founder, Sprint Law

Alexander Wheeler

Senior Associate, DWF

12:00 pm
12:05 pm

LOD Law session

Details tbc

12:35 pm
1:05 pm

PANEL: A practical guide to delivering an effective pitch: Perspectives from both sides of the table

Delivering a strong and compelling pitch to clients requires a significant investment of time and resources. Understanding your client’s business needs, ensuring you have the relevant team to address their situation and being able to provide creative solutions is critical to a successful pitch. What goes into a winning pitch? How do you ensure a pitch matches the needs and expectations of a prospective client? This session will offer practical tips and advice from seasoned lawyers from both sides of the table to ensure your next pitch is a winning one. 

  • What defines and goes into an effective law firm pitch?
  • Understanding the do’s and don’ts of a good pitch
  • What are some common mistakes? How do you follow up with a client after delivering a bad pitch?
  • What role can technology play in enhancing the delivery of a pitch?


Rory Alexander

Senior Associate, Ashurst

Veroshan Sripragasan

Senior Associate, Nicholson Ryan Lawyers

1:50 pm

Top 10 things to make your day more productive in an age of constant disruption

As young lawyers grow their practices, expand their books, or assume additional in-house duties, satisfying client needs can be increasingly challenging. In an age in which clients demands are 24/7 and social media is a continual presence, tackling your workload may seem impossible. What are some of the top ways to maximise time and resources? 

  • Focusing on core tasks, having strong internal processes and setting client expectations in advance
  • Understanding how you currently utilise time and where efficiencies can be created
  • How technology can be harnessed to increase efficiency
  • Key learnings from real-life examples that can be leveraged immediately. What are some of the most common time-wasters?
David Frew

Senior Associate, Wotton Kearney

Simon Merritt

Senior Associate, Lander & Rogers

2:30 pm

PANEL: Strategies for young lawyers to manage and take charge of challenging workplace relationships

Punishing workloads, large egos, poor internal communication, working in silos, lack of time – these are just a few of the challenges that can strain workplace relations and add to the stress loads of a rising lawyer. How can young lawyers improve communications? What are the ways they can exert more control over relationships? How can they better manage strong personalities in their practices?    

  • Typical causes and triggers of poor communications and conflict
  • Methods and practical ideas for improving different levels of communication
  • Working with different personality types – high performers, introverts versus extroverts
  • How to manage relationships with emotional intelligence
  • Learning to say no without saying no
  • Setting expectations and conducting effective performance reviews and mentoring programs


Arthur Moses SC

New Chambers


Phoebe Blank

Senior Associate, MinterEllison

Jacob Corbett

Director & Lawyer, Bradley + Bray

Danielle Eliatamby

Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills

Peta Gray

Principal Director and Legal Advisor, Enterprise Legal

3:20 pm

PANEL: Pragmatic steps for young lawyers and practices to better balance personal and family needs with a growing practice

Juggling the needs of a growing practice while tackling the responsibilities of a young family, caring for elderly parents or contributing to the community means being creative to manage what seems an impossible goal. Recognising this challenge and the need to attract a gender and multiculturally diverse talent pool, organisations are responding with new and accommodating flexible work arrangements. A panel of practitioners and law firm leaders share their practical tips, advice and lessons learned. 

  • Examining how law firms are responding innovatively to the work-life challenges of young lawyers 
    • Maternity and paternity leave options
  • Ensuring the needs of young lawyers in a diverse, gender-balanced firm are addressed as they grow into positions of leadership
  • Practical ideas to better navigate work-life balance and a busy practice
  • How to advocate for yourself in setting appropriate boundaries
  • Keeping in top mental health


Ivana Kovacevic

Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and Business Functions, Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited


Ashlee Berry

Members Services Director, Master Builders Association of the ACT

Adelaide Hayes

Senior Associate, Cooper Grace Ward

Linda Lau

Senior Associate, Holding Redlich

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